Laravel – Eloquent ORM

Following are a few examples of Laravel Eloquent ORM. Each expression is accompanied by its SQL analog.


Codeigniter – A Master Layout

In this screencast, we’ll explore a few different techniques to DRY up your codeigniter views by implementing a master layout file for your site. Here’s a quick start if you’d like to setup your own master model.

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I’ve been playing around with CodeIgniter in my spare time and decided to release one of my projects into the wild. QuizMotor is a simple app to flow through multiple choice question as if you were taking a quiz. As of now the questions are about CodeIgniter, PHP, HTML, etc, but I’m hoping that it will grow to cover a variety of subjects. Check it out: 

DB2 Cheat Sheet (Instances)

Managing DB2 instances is a substantial portion of a DB2 DBA’s daily workload. Here’s a simple cheat sheet I’ve designed to define a DB2 instance and outline the basics of an instance’s memory model, process model, and file structure. I’ve also listed a few commands that are specific to instance management (creating, dropping, starting, stopping, etc).



DB2 Cheat Sheet (Commands)

While preparing for a DB2 interview, I compiled a list of DB2 commands and grouped them by purpose. FYI, notice how DB2 system commands are essentially binaries (db2start, db2licm, db2ilist) and as a result are path dependent. On the other hand, Command Line Processor (CLP) commands are executed directly from a DB2 prompt or from the command line using db2 “execute some command”.


Querying DB2 with Python

In this article, we’ll write a simple Python script that will query a DB2 database and print the results. To link Python and DB2, we’ll use the PyDB2 interface. To install PyDB2 download a copy and follow the instructions in the README file.

#!/usr/bin/env python

import DB2

# Instantiate connection object and connect to DB2 database
db = DB2.connect('dbname', 'username', 'password')

# Instantiate cursor object
cursor = db.cursor()

# Build sql statement using python's multiline quotation syntax
sql = """select address_line_1 , address_line_2,
        city, state, zip from property"""


    # Execute statement and fetch results
    results = cursor.fetchall()

    # Loop through rows and print all columns
    for row in results:
        print row[0:]

    print "Error: Unable to fetch data from DB2"

# Close database connection

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