Simple Blog – Intro

Simple Blog is a multi-part series. Check out The Index

One of the most challenging aspect of learning a new programming language is deciding how to get to Hello, World! You’ve got a lot of options and a lot of flexibility when deciding how to program your PHP applications. To help with some of these decisions, I’ve written a multi-part series about PHP which aims to compare and contrast programming styles, programming patterns, page templating, and data access methodologies. So here we go!

Simple Blog is a multi-part series about developing data-driven application with PHP and MySql. The purpose of the Simple Blog series is to develop the exact same application over and over again using different styles, patterns, and technologies. The behavior of the application remains constant throughout the series, but the code base changes dramatically from example to example as we re-write the app using different styles or change the data access layer, or even migrate the app to a framework. The goal is to compare and contrast each different approach to deduce which PHP stack is best for your project. Check it out and let me know what you think.


The end-result. Simple Blog’s user interface.
Simple Blog – User Interface


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