Simple Blog – User Interface

Simple Blog is a multi-part series. Check out The Index

Please remember, this is NOT a tutorial about rolling your own blog. This series is about exploring different PHP methodologies to solve the same problem so that we can compare and contrast the pros and cons of each approach. The application we’ll be developing over and over again throughout this series is a simple blogging app that allows the user to create, read, update, and delete blog posts stored in a MySql database. Here’s a quick rundown of the end-result.

The index page pulls all posts from MySQL and displays them as HTML:

  1. The programming styles used; in this case CodeIgniter.
  2. Link to create a new blog post.
  3. Link to read a single blog post.
  4. The blog post’s content and date created.

The read page pulls a single blog post from MySQL and displays it as HTML:

  1. The blog post’s title, content, and date created.
  2. Links to update or delete the blog post.


And, finally, the create and update pages accept user input, which is sent to MySQL to create new blog posts or edit existing ones:

  1. Textbox for blog’s title
  2. Textbox for blog’s content
  3. Button to submit the form and create/update a new post.



Simple Blog’s very basic Data Model.
Simple Blog – Data Model


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